Frequently Asked Questions

Pick-up and Delivery Service

What is Pick-up and Delivery Service?

It is a service for collecting, washing, and delivering laundry.

We will pick up your set of clothes at your preferred time when you enter your request.

We will inform you when your laundry is finished and when it will be delivered.

How to use the service?

Please make your reservation using Facebook or the Mobile App.

Is there anything I can't wash?

Check the laundry tag on your clothing item to confirm if it can be washed in a laundry machine.

Also, please see the following items below that cannot be washed:

-Materials that cannot be washed with water (wool, silk, leather products, etc.)

-Things that may discolor

-Items that may be deformed, shrunk, or prints that may be peeled off due to dryer’s heat


-Items of Pets

-Items requiring disinfection

-Terribly dirty fabrics/items

What about compensation for claims?

Our company is offering this facility only as a laundry request service. The actual washing is fulfilled by a laundry shop.

We will not issue any compensation or refunds for shrinkage due to washing, discoloration, damage or loss that the laundry shop does not compensate. Please take note of this.

What kind of detergent do you use?

The generally available detergents commonly used in the Philippines.

How is the laundry packed when finished?

After the laundry is washed and dried, these are folded and put inside a clear plastic bag that will be sealed. This sealed clear plastic bag shall be put into the dedicated laundry bag specifically identified for your clothing. This specific laundry bag will then be returned to you for redelivery.

*It is impossible to completely remove terrible dirt.

*Compared to sun drying, it may shrink slightly depending on the dryer.

Can you iron for me?

Ironing is not part of the service scope.

Can you attach buttons?

Button sewing is not part of the service scope.

Is it possible to remove stains?

Stain removal is not part of the service scope.

Is it possible to separate each type of laundry?

Since the laundry we receive will be washed in each dedicated laundry bag, we cannot sort it by type.

If you want to sort by type, please make a separate request for each.

Can you store the laundry?

Storage service is not provided. Please accept delivery as soon as possible. *If you do not respond to accept delivery of your laundry after 1 month or more, we may dispose of your laundry at our discretion.

What should I do if I don't want my underwear to be seen?

Put it in your laundry net and place it in the laundry bag as is. We will return it after washing and drying it without opening it.

* Since the laundry net is not opened, it’s condition cannot be definitively confirmed as washed. Please take note of this.

What should I do with clothes that I always put in the laundry net to wash?

Please put it in the laundry net and place it inside the laundry bag.

* Since the laundry net is not opened, its condition cannot be definitively checked. Please take note of this.

Is there a laundry net for rent?

Yes, there is. Please consult at the time when request is made.

Do you wash clothes together with other people's laundry?

No. Contents of each bag are washed at an assigned laundry machine for a specific customer only.


How much is the charge?

Please check on the Facebook page.

Prices shown include consumption tax and shipping.

How much is the shipping fee?

The price shown includes shipping.

Please check the Facebook page for a breakdown.

What kind of payment method do you have?

Payment is made at the time of pick-up of the laundry. We accept cash or GCash.

Is it possible to issue a receipt?



Where can I request for pickup?

You can request a pickup from Facebook or from the dedicated Mobile App.

Where is the service pick-up  area?

Please check the pick-up area on the Facebook page.

From what time does the pickup begin?

From 9:00am-8:00pm. Reservations for pick-up on the same day must be made by 6:00 pm.

For details, please check our Facebook page.

Can I cancel the pickup?

You can cancel up to the cut-off time. You can cancel using Facebook or a dedicated app. It cannot be canceled after the cut-off.

Is there a cancellation fee?

No cancellation fee will be charged.

Will I be contacted at the time of pickup/delivery?

You will be notified by message or through the app.

What happens if I am absent when picking up and delivering?

We will bring it back to our home base and contact you via a message on the app or Facebook.

How should I request for a redelivery?

Adjust the delivery date and time. Please contact us with a message.

Up to how many days can I make a reservation for pickup at the longest?

You can make a reservation for pick-up up to 7 days later.

I want to specify the collection destination and the delivery destination separately.

Currently, it is not possible to specify the collection destination and delivery destination separately.

Is it possible to specify a company as a collection/delivery destination?

You can specify your work place as long as it is within the collection area. Please enter your "company name" when making a reservation.

Can I specify a hotel as a pickup/delivery destination?

We will only accept if the hotel can accommodate the pick-up/delivery. Please check with the hotel before you use it to make arrangements.

When requesting pickup/delivery, please enter the "room number" when making the online reservation.

Is it okay to ask the condominium front desk for pickup and delivery?

We will only accept if the apartment/condominium front desk can accommodate the pick-up/delivery. Please check with the front desk before you use it to make arrangements. Please deposit the money at the front desk to ensure that payment can be remitted upon pick-up.

To request pickup/delivery, please enter "front desk support" at the time of booking.

When will I receive the finished product?

Laundry can be delivered at least 1 day after the date of pick-up.

We will inform you of the delivery date with a message or through the app.

Please check the Facebook page for details.

Is it possible to do deferred delivery?

We do not support deferred delivery.

Is it possible to check if the delivery status of the finished laundry?

message will be sent upon delivery. You can also check the delivery status from the app’s "BOOKING" tab.

Safety measures

How are infectious diseases and other hygiene measures taken?

Driver safety:

- All drivers are covid-19 tested and healthy.

- The driver is equipped with PPE and complies with DOH hygiene guidelines.

-We measure their body temperature every day.

-All drivers are equipped with alcohol so they can be disinfected each time you handle your laundry.

We recommend cashless payments with GCash to reduce direct contact between the driver and the customer.

Alternatively, you can leave your payment at the front desk.

We recommend that you follow contactless pickup and delivery!

Please leave your clothes at the front desk and send a message to the driver.

You will be notified via a message or through the app when the laundry is delivered to the front desk.

If you have any further questions about our health and safety policy, please send a message to our FB page.

Laundry shop safety

We partner up with reliable laundry shops. Our affiliated laundry shops regularly clean their laundry machines.

Please check the Facebook page for the laundry shop to use.


I don't know how to use the app

See HELP for the app.

What happens if I forget the registered phone number?

First, try the number that you can think of. Only registered numbers can be logged in. If you try to log in with a number that is not registered, you will be taken to the initial registration screen.

Where can I check or edit the registered email address or address?

You can check and edit from PROFILE.

Where can I request for pickup?

You can request from "NEW".

Where can I check the status of the requested laundry?

You can check it from BOOKING.

Is it possible to check the usage history?

You can check it from PREVIOUS.

*You can check up to 6 months ago

What is the BLUE Sheep button?

It is the Concierge button. We will display the most suitable information according to your status.

I get an error

First, follow the error content.

If it does not improve, we will check the details of the error, so please contact customer support.


Where can I make inquiries?

Please contact us from the Facebook page.

You can also inquire from the app chat.

How can I register as a corporate member?

Please contact us separately.