Protection of Private Information


The corporate philosophy of Zenmov Inc. is to create new businesses and services that can change society by utilizing IT technology. Zenmov shall do this by providing IT services such as software development, building of infrastructure,  system operation management and technical support services. In addition, Zenmov is also engaged in the sales of system-related products. Zenmov has established its own information security management system with the aim of preventing the loss, theft, unauthorized use and leakage of intellectual property assets entrusted by its customers. In order to be a sustainable company that responds to the trust of customers and society,  Zenmov has implemented corresponding standards in its operation to include the monitoring, review, maintenance and continuous improvement of these protocols to protect private information.


All the officers and employees of Zenmov understand this purpose and shall strictly comply with this basic policy containing the rules and procedures established in the information security management system. Zenmov and its workforce shall carry out its duties with an emphasis on total compliance with these information security standards.


Enactment date: September 2, 2019

Zenmov Inc.

President: Sumio Tanaka