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We provide IT for achieving orderly transportation in areas that struggle with chaotic transportation.

For example, IT for ideally allocating cars to match transportation demands, maintaining an even distance between cars, and efficiently using open resources during off-peak hours.

We will continually develop IT to create a world like the one in the video and provide such IT to the cities of Asia.

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Smart Delivery



Making the world more fun with creativity, technology, and teamwork

We believe our purpose is to energize the world and make it a more fun and interesting place by solving problems.

We aim to creatively engage with and respond to challenges utilizing diligently honed technology and superb teamwork.




From the two-billion person market of South and Southeast Asia,

eco-friendly “e-Smart Mobility” begins.

Zenmov will expand Japan’s orderly transportation service primarily to the two billion people living in the regions of South and Southeast Asia.

Staying conscious of ESG, we will contribute to the achievement of SDGs.



Our five action guidelines are “best place to work,” “ethical and sincere,” “continuing to challenge ourselves,” “acting globally,” and “respecting diversity.”


We look forward to having others who share these values join us in our work. In particular, we can provide a variety of job opportunities to young people. (Developing systems that use the latest technology, development that crosses national borders, project leadership, leading overseas expansion, etc.)

Best Place to Work

Provide an excellent workplace environment that develops the talents of employees.

Ethical and Sincere

Pursue the true essence of everything with excellence and all our might, as in Zen meditation.

Continuing to Challenge Ourselves

Commit to creating things that will take shape in the real world, challenge ourselves, and make those things realities.

Acting Globally

Act globally from Japan and Asia as a whole.

Respecting Diversity

Welcome eccentric ideas. Teamwork is the key to breakthroughs.




Company Name: Zenmov Inc.

President: Sumio Tanaka

Business Activities: Planning, development, production, and sales of smart mobility systems

Origin of Company Name:

“Zen” has various positive meanings in Japanese.

It can refer to Zen, the idea of eliminating the unnecessary so that only the true essence remains, which connects to our devotion to the ideal allocation of vehicles.

“Zen” can also mean “good” in Japanese and evokes the idea of excellence and good deeds.

Finally, “zen” can mean “everything,” evoking the image of everyone putting their everything into all that they do.

“mov” comes from the English “move” and calls to mind mobility. We will put all our efforts into excellently providing ideal, waste-free, “Zen” mobility.

Head Office: Area Shinagawa, 13 F, Room 801 1-9-36 Kounan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075

Odaiba Branch Office: theSOHO, Room 735 2-7-4 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0064




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